Access 2010 is a database application design and deployment tool that you can use to keep track of important information. You can keep your data on your computer, or you can publish to the web so others can use your database with a web browser. Access holds huge data and also it is very much rigid comparatively to MS excel.

Access is a tool that you can use to quickly and easily develop relational database applications that help you manage information. You can create a database to help you keep track of just about any kind of information, such as inventory, professional contacts, or business processes. In fact, Access comes with templates that you can use right away to track a variety of information, making things easy even for a beginner.

  • Examine and exploring the database Microsoft Access 2010 environment.
  • Design a simple database.
  • Build a new database with related tables.
  • Manage data in a table.
  • Query a database with different methods.
  • Modify the design and field properties of a table.
  • Retrieve data from tables using joins.
  • Design forms.
  • Generate reports.
  • Dashboard.

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